Humnbirds Baseball/Softball


Minisink Valley School District. Wade Davis currently a reliever for the Colorado Rockies is also a regular!

So, before you get locked into one philosophy fits all, try us. We don’t preach one method is the only method. We have knowledge and expertise in a variety of approaches. We tailor our approach to what fits YOU, not what fits us. Finally, we unconditionally GUARANTEE your experience with us will be positive. If you or your child is NOT satisfied for ANY reason, FULL REFUND no questions asked! Need we say more? We know we are better so stop in to view a class and see why we are confident the Humnbird experience will make you a believer too!

Why it should be us!

That’s right; who are you paying to instruct your children. We know it should be us and here’s why:

Our program is set up by educators. Men and women with college degrees in Physical Education coupled with extensive backgrounds in interscholastic athletics and Division I collegiate athletics. Add manageable class sizes and years of coaching, teaching and playing experience for a combination that is hard to beat.

We also keep very close contact with former and current professional baseball players who update us regularly on current trends and techniques related to the game. Bryan Harvey,  Mike Pagliarulo (currently the Hitting Coach for the Marlins) and Willie Fraser (ML/Advanced Scout for the Florida Marlins) are just a few former players. Joe Nathan  and former Stony Brook star Alex Trezza , are currently playing professionally or coaching and consult with us on a regular basis. Former New York Met and Oakland Athletic Dave Telgheder is currently a regular staff member and working in the 

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